Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pokemon Go backlash from the Creatives

The backlash from Creatives against Pokemon Go is starting to come out.

Pokemon Go is for sure going to be remembered as yet another MEGA FAD.

However, as all things that become mainstream where droves and droves of "lay users" flood a service, the Creatives / Tech Hipsters turn their nose up at the crowd. 

The paintings above demonstrate this beautifully. 

Today at work , on our all staff SLACK channel someone posted these 2 paintings by a famous polish painter , Pawel Kuczynski, that is known for his  doing a social commentary on the Pokemon Go phenomenon from his vantage point. You can find Pawel's website here:

Like Tomagatchi, like Hush Puppies every handful of years some new thing sweets the US and the World and becomes the most talked about new term. For 2016 it is Pokemon Go.

The game has sky rocketed at unprecedented speeds, and has massive daily engagement. 

At the heart of it, is the emotional simplicity of the tag line : "Catch them All" 
Referring to catching as many of the varied Pokemon's out there as possible. 
It is an addictive, fun, and simple call to action. 

It's also brag worthy, to show off to your friends and family how many Pokemon's you have. 

From a technical point of view, this is a very positive thing. Pokemon Go propelled Augmented Reality game mechanics into the lime light. This is very good for the young but rapidly evolving AR and VR spaces (Occulus, Magic Leap, Meta.AR , HTC Vive, etc etc). 

From a hipster / techie / geek point of view this is a bit of a transgression against your niche world view. Before Pokemon Go was a hit, it was a game called Ingress made by Alphabet's (Google) Niantic Labs . It was an uber geeky game , with 2 teams, where the goal was to get to "portals" and to "hack" them. In short the exact same dynamics as Pokemon Go, but without the theme / packaging provided by a world famous cartoon, movie, and gaming franchise backed by Nintendo.

P.S. As a side note it is also amazing to observe how the same game gets transformed from a deep geek title , to a world phenomenon when you wrap it in a cool theme.