Monday, September 9, 2013

The browser that should have come with your iPad: Coast by Opera

Today Coast by Opera launched. It is a browser built specifically for the iPad.

Go download it on your iPad or iPad mini now , here is the link:

Coast rethinks pretty much all of our assumptions about how a browser looks and behaves. It is also beautiful and slick.

The User interface and user experience are 100% gesture based . There are no buttons. No address bar.

The key revelation of Coast is that the Web is now filled with Webapps not simple documents. 

So a modern web browser, a tablet browser, should be designed from the ground up to focus on webapps vs "webpages".

That thesis has lead to a very slick and fun web browsing experience in Coast. Here check out this video that introduces Coast to you.  The video is very inline with the new hip Opera brand feel.

Coast by Opera - iPad's perfect match from Opera browser on Vimeo.
I saw an early build several months ago, under top secret conditions, while visiting Opera in Oslo, Norway.  I am very excited to find that the version that shipped today has remained very true to the early build version i saw. It has remained true to its vision, form, and ideals  (e.g. no buttons except home)  ;) 

Like all high craftsmanship/ high end feeling products, the packaging is distinct. The packagind in this case is a custom website , a video, and the itunes app store page.  The custom website is here , check it out: . 

It even comes with a note penned from the producer/creator (Head of Coast team, Huib Kleinhout).

Also check out this video with Huib himself:

Why we made a new browser for the iPad from Opera browser on Vimeo.

Totally worth a test drive, maybe it will make you fall in love with your web browser/ your iPad all over again ;) :