Friday, July 26, 2013

Chromecast Unboxing :) This thing is awesome !

Today in the office @Skyfire the first Chromecast dongle arrived. Spoiler alert: it is awesome :)

Below are some unboxing photos:

In a nutshell, it is really simple to set up, you have to plug it in via usb into your mac and give it Wi Fi access (password) to your wi fi network. From there plug it into any HDMI compatabile screen and your are "ready to cast"

It is small and light. It allows you to cast any tab from chrome on your MAC or get an app for your smartphone that then allows you to cast videos from apps like youtube and netflix. 


Chromecast has :
It does not do Device mirroring where you can see the home screen of your smartphone. It also does not have an internal battery, but requires a USB power cord (or usb to Power adapter) to power the chromecast dongle.

Like Airplay, the last person / device to request a Chromecast session kicks off the previous user.

I think this is a perfect tool for my trips to Poland, where there are no Apple TV's for me to share my screen with from my Mac Air. (bringing an apple tv along on a business trip is pricier and bulkier, and the other option of wires/adapters is lame and unpredictable if you will have the right adapter at the right time :) ).

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