Thursday, July 18, 2013

Apple Handheld projector in our future ? + 3M Unboxing

Last week my house mate, Sunshine, got a

3M Camcorder Projector CP45

(above link is an link if you are interested in buying it)

It is an Ultra portable Pico Projector and Camera in  a single form factor. You can check out a review of it here. You can check out the unboxing pics below.

But in the meantime here is my thought perculations on where products like this could POTENTIALLY GO, if a company like Apple got behind them ... 

Handheld projectors are not a new and mind shattering concept,  they have been around for 3 - 4 years.

However for me it was a first experience with an easy to hold device that could record a moment or memory, and then a few hours later play it back projected on the wall or ground for a group of friends while hanging out. 

I think that is a powerful experience that Apple would do well to zero in on, reinvent the tech, shrink it, make it brighter, and put it inside every smartphone they make in 2015 - 2016 and beyond. Of course having a beautiful Retina screen to fall back on is a great foundation for building a futuristic experience like this.

It feels like one of the few tech experiences or tech niches that you saw as a kid in Star Wars or Star Trek that is still not available. Tablets, Talking Computers, even Tricorders are becoming a daily reality.

We have been using a projection theater (with an Apple TV / PS3 / XBOX's) in my house for a couple of years now, and i absolutely love how awesome projection tech is:

- Super space efficient
- Bigger than any flatscreen you can reasonably buy
- feels like your actually at the movies
- Videos games are larger than life

Having this kind of experience in the palm of your hand is awesome: 
- You can project onto a surface area bigger than any reasonable smartphone or even tablet. 
- You can turn anything into a screen for sharing memories , funny videos, or other content you have.
- Being able to capture a memory in picture or video form the same device keeps the device in your hand more often and increases the possibility



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