Monday, April 1, 2013 - "The Tesla of Electric Skateboards" ( and darling)

One of the coolest projects/ start ups i am aware of is

Once you know about Boosted and meet the guys, you can't help but catch a little bit of their infectious passion for their work. The Boosted guys LOVE LOVE LOVE what they work on. 

They love Skating.  They love their start up. They love their craft of designing, re-imagining, and manufacturing a beautiful product. They are clearly dreaming the start up dream.  Just look at this video, its lifestyle feel is fantastic !

Besides nailing the product BoostedBoards as a start up  has been on a tear. They launched their Kickstarter campaign to great succes:

pledged of $100,000 goal

Clearly, the kickstarter and the larger electric vehicle and skateboarding crowd got excited for this electric Skateboard. Why ?

The answer is clear if you see the product. It is the Tesla of Electric Skateboards ! The guys behind it, have fun, but they approach the engineering and design challenges with world class thinking! Every detail is managed and designed, every part is optimized, performance is reached at all levels. To be able to make something like the Boosted Board the problem itself is reframed as a high caliber problem. The guys aren't solving for , how to make the best skateboard (although they never loose site of the love for riding) but they are solving for changing the world. They aim to change the world by making the worlds lightest electric vehicle that will change how people commute ! :)


It might be hard to appreciate how awesome a Boosted Board is until you see one or try riding a board for yourself. Here are 3 things that Boosted does that make their product awesome:

1. Revolutionary Regenerative breaking
2. Revolutionary Skating experience: With Boosted you can skate Uphill!
3. Its a Loaded Board to start with ! 
To make a product with this high of a bar for quality something must be sacrificed, and as usual it is price. In summary Boosted Boards makes the best electric Skateboard in the world, and the lightest Electric Vehicle.  

Disclaimer: To be fair i have never seen a Z-board in the flesh, probably the closest electric skateboard competitor to Boosted, so its not fair to judge. If Zee board wants a fair shake at a full post feel free to get in touch with me about a sample board ;) (P.S. Z i love the handle designed into the board). 


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