Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Match made in heaven? Instagram for Chrome + Printstagr.am

Last week Zach and i went and hung out with the Printstagr.am guys in Berkley.

Out of that meeting an awesome " Instapartnership  " was made. 

The (already live) result: 
Instagram for chrome, hands down the best way to use instagram on chrome , has released a new version to its 164,000 + users.  The new version 1.5.1  adds a "print" button to every picture in the app. 

Now its dead simple to print any breathtaking photo that catches your fancy, with just a few clicks from your chrome web browser !! 

The printing and shipping is handled by http://printstagr.am/ , they make beautiful and startling print products from your instagram photos. My personal favorite is the "Tiny book" , you can see it in the screenshot above (It's a fridge magnet too). 

Go ahead get the latest version of instagram for chrome.

Or if you are a loyal fan already, just shut down chrome (completely). Then restart chrome, and you should see an update alert in the top right corner. Approve the newly requested permissions and voila you have version 1.5.1

Remember you heard it first on fortechi.es

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