Friday, June 1, 2012

Scout chrome app launches, a better ui for google

Recently i met Devin Rhode. Devin is a super smart front end developer. We quickly hit it off, since Devin has been working on a chrome extension that changes Googles UI, and thats what we experimented with at XO! . Here is an early chrome app we hacked together

Check out Devin's brand new app here :

Devin's chrome extension is very stable, simple, and functional. It also has a crisp ui feel to it.  I was part of the closed beta group, and have had the extension on my chrome browser for over a week. 

Devin just opened up Scout from a closed beta group to be available to others. Click through to the website and hit the "Upgrade Google" button.

I look forward to collaborating with Devin on future search related projects.  

Enjoy and remember you heard it first on For Techies Only. 

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