Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Entrepreneur tips: Angel List works :)

About 10 days ago i finally gave AngelList a real shot. Check out's Angel List Profile. 

Below are  some notes on my experience.

I started using it to pitch, my facebook search engine start up to:
  • investors 
  • engineers 
  • advisors
  • other stakeholders
The experience has been great. I took the time to :
  • fill out every possible field
  • make nice screenshots and icons
  • genuinely network with advisors and team mates to share the profile
  • made an awesome presentation with impress.js , (since PPTS just result in glazed investor eyes)
The results have been fantastic :
  • Real investors have gotten in touch
  • Blogger's have gotten in touch
  • Strong engineers interested in real computer science problems have gotten in touch.
  • It puts keeping track of investor meetings/ calls  , engineer candidate interviews, advisor networking into a centralized place
  • helps crystallize the pitch
  • Naval (the founder of Angel List ) got in touch which was a nice personal touch :)  

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