Monday, May 21, 2012

Something BIG came today: BIG Jambox unboxing


=+++++ UPDATE we have gone through 2 Big Jambox, which both have broken +++ ===
===+++ My conclusion is that aswith JawBone Up bracelet the Big Jambox's are amazing products that you want to use all the time as soon as you get them. However they inevitable break within the first couple of days. The perils of over designing a product and under QA it +++ ==== 

Today the Big Jambox from Jawbone (makers of the Jawbone UP and the Jambox) arrived in the mail. Rob and i did a traditional unboxing.  We invite you to feast your eyes on the snapshots below.   We opened it up, and quickly determined that the 2 tweeters and 1 subwoofer inside this low key but high tech looking speaker are very loud and high fidelity. In our living room it goes louder than you need :)

The packaging itself was amazing, see the snapshots below, it had all sorts of clever and funny messaging to on ramp you onto your new favorite audio device .

The bluetooth pairing was dead simple, my iPhone (screenshot above) easily connected to the Jambox  Big and also displays the battery status directly in the notifications bar of the iPhone (just like any other bluetooth headset. )

allegedly the battery is supposed to last for 12 hours on a single charge ? quite impressive. Will report back on how that goes.

Mainly the Jambox delivers on something i have been wishing for quite a while. It does away with WIRES. Jawbone is leading the charge on decluttering our lives from the mess of wires weve all had since the 90s'. Thank you Jawbone. Keep up the good work.





  1. Can you network more than one of them together?

  2. no, but we really want to hack them to network several of them together wirelessly .You can network them together using a standard splitter and wires , but that defeats the beauty of no wires.