Sunday, May 6, 2012 #1app at the facebook at&t hackathon, way to win ed, zach, and sean

My room mate Ed and good friends Sean and Zach entered the facebook AT&T hackathon in Palo Alto this weekend.

There were around 175 people at the hackathon. It stretched from Friday 7 PM until Saturday at 7 PM. A no bs make it happen in 24 hours. To show what you got.

Ed, Sean, and Zach made and placed #1 overall in the hackathon as well as the AWS (Amazon Web Services) $1,500 award. 

Way to kick ass guys. By day this trio is turning into one of the leading download/advertising marketplaces for smartphone apps. They have previously worked together as a team, launching the iOS Tap Tap Revenge franchise at is an instagram for your facebook albums. It is an HTML 5 site that works on iOS safari, droid Chrome, iPad, and web. It is primarily designed for smartphones.

It lets you log into your facebook account, pick one of your facebook photos or those of a friend, and then with one touch apply a photo filter  (very similar experience to Instagram). 

The resulting touched up photo can then be easily shared via AT&T's SMS api. It send the link that opens a page with the touched up photo. 

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