Friday, May 18, 2012

Congrats Jliu and Co, Karma Science exits via Facebook

Today immediately after the IPO announcement, facebook acquired Karma Science. A team of 15 gifters in sf. Karma raised $4.5 mil from Kleiner Perkins. Wonder what the exit price was ? anyone know ? please leave a comment if you do :) Or just leave a guess :)

Karma Science is an awesome gift giving app for iOS. The app is a catalogue of curated gifts, and they hacked the gift giving process to reduce stress and increase gifting satisfaction. Check out the app on iTunes or just get it on your iPhone in the app store.

I used Karma to get my room mate a secret santa gift this past christmas :) I have also had the pleasure of unboxing Karma gifts, and can say their packaging and extra touch makes the gift receiving experience extra sweet. covered the launch of the Karma Science app , over here,  back in December 2011.  Check out the article, and check out the prediction that Karma will focus on leveraging facebook data to drive gift recommendations . Pretty on point ? was early on the scene because a good friend was their 1st employee and lead the development of a super slick iOS app. Good work ;)

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