Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NeuroSky MyndPlay unboxing

Today i got to take some pics of a NeuroSky MyndPlay Unboxing with a very extensive hands on with the headset and all of the apps we could get our hands on in 45 mins. In short its definitely a glimpse of the future and for $129.99 it should be at the top of your buy list :)

I liked the hardware more than i thought i would. The headset has a pretty streamlined and minimal footprint. However, the limited amount of apps felt like it hampered what could have been a mindblowing experience into just a mild wow when you first use the device.



For the un initiated NeuroSky does not let you control the mouse cursor with your mind, or let you "tap" icons on your iPhone. NeuroSky  measures 3 parameters:

Blinking - the unit detects electrical activity that makes your eye muscles contract. Sensitive enough to detect left right eye motion with your eyes closed ( REM style detection).

Attention - it measures your ability to focus in on one thought, in essence detects a "focus" pattern in your  eeg activity

Meditation - it measures your ability to relax, relaxation is tied to your breathing patterns

It also collects and charts EEG data (from a single node read). 


The out of the box experience for the MyndPlay unit was pretty good with the iPhone app. It got me wearing the headset, connected, and practicing with the attention and meditation meter. However the ease of use ended there in terms of finding cool apps to play with. After checking out all of the iOS apps, we switched to Mac apps, which required repairing the headset from the iPhone to the Mac's bluetooth.

As an aside, watching the variance in the eeg chart as you talk, breathe, blink, or go about various activities is fascinating. I am sure that the quantified self movement will benefit from more EEG style devices bringing a ton of electrical brainwave activity data online.

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