Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun Flashback: Elevator Pitching Notes from 2007

The central piece of an entrepreneurs fundraising toolkit is the Elevator Pitch. The first step to having a brilliant Elevator pitch is to accept that it is a constant and never ending work in progress. Iteration is a must. A start up's core idea or the angle taken to present and communicate the idea most likely will morph many many times until it takes off.

Having said that i thought this would be a good time for me to do yet another rendition of VCEL's elevator pitch since we have gone a long time since the last iteration of the pitch.

VCEL develops mobile apps that provide end users with a Free choice for a superior experience for accessing services like on your cellphone. Other application providers charge a monthly subscription fee while VCELs apps are ad supported and free. VCEL is pushing the envelope for in applicaiton mobile ads through a proprietary approach to interstitial mobile ads as well as enabling a familiar CPC model to seamlessly integrate into the mobile ad marketplace.

although this is not a perfect pitch it does answer the following key questions:

1. Who is VCEL's product for: the end user
2. What is the product: Mobile apps for social networking access (e.g. Myspace mobile)
3. What is the main advantage of the product over the competition: The service is Free
4. The Business Model is: Advertisement via a CPC model
5. The competitive advantage: the proprietary method for interstitial ads as well as early to market advantage (in applicaiton mobile ad market that is)

Thats it for now.

+++++ 2012 Update Note: VCEL sold to, create roi for investors +++++

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