Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Chrome app i coded end to end: Highlight to Wiki

Check out the first Chrome app i coded end to end :

Highlight to Wikipedia

I have been diving into html, css, javascript, and jquery quiet a bit since Dec. You can call it a 2012 resolution to become a code ninja ;) As a result  :

Highlight to Wikipedia is my first Chrome app that i coded end to end. It was very enlightening to start from scratch and build up an app step by step (versus hacking existing apps which is what i normally end up doing). 

Highlight to Wikipedia makes looking things up in Wiki super easy. Just highlight any text on any webpage and a convient "Wikipedia it" button pops up right there. 

There is also a second flavor of the app that makes highlights search Bing instead of Wikipedia. 
If you are a Bing fan Add it to your Chrome :

Highlight to Search (Bing)

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