Friday, December 2, 2011

Jawbone Up wristband : Unboxing

I just got a Jawbone Up wristband. I like it alot. Although it is still an early product, that will continue to be refined, you can already see how people can get addicted to the Up.

Below is a slideshow of the unboxing :) Check it out :)

It is a slick , water resistant (can wear in shower), 24/7 activity and sleep monitoring wrist band.
To use it you need a companion Up iPhone app (free in the app store). The Up is a smart gadget that is on trend with the latest hardware and software product trends:

Mobile hardware trends: used for biofeedback data collection
  • Accelerometers and gps -> activity monitoring 
  • Camera -- >  for nutrition intake / meal monitoring
  • Audio 3.5 mm data transfer --> Remote wrist band firmware reflashing.
  • Alway's On -> paradigm enables sleep analysis

Software Trends: Fun experience, that is social, and helpful.
  • Push Notifications -> Behavior conditioning and Up management reminders
  • UI for Monitoring Wristband data -> Fun and Addictive
  • Social Network -> Profiles, Activity Feed, Messaging,Privacy, 
  • Viral Loop - > Joining Teams, share activity/challenge feed with others with Up.
  • Gamification of Behavior -> Challenge gallery, Badges

The Up's features focus on capturing data and displaying it in an easy to use iPhone app.
The wristband features :
odometer, sleep analysis , nutrition intake monitoring, alarm, activity alert reminder, and creating a social feedback loop to motivate you to get addicted to monitoring your health and improving it.

Check back for later posts on the iPhone app ui, and Up Teams ... super smart play of getting people sucked into the Up ecosystem.

The Up is Jawbones entry into the mobile health market consumer device segment. Jawbone is a leading company in mobile bluetooth headsets and other mobile accessories.