Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TED x Harker , cant believe my Highschool hosted a TED !

Got an email this morning from a harker class mate, Akhsar. The email was about TED x Harker. Here is a link to Harker's page on the event : http://tedx.harker.org/

My highschool got together with the TED conference (Awesome !!) and used Harker's elite silicon valley network to draw in world class entrepreneurial and VC talent to come and speak on the topic of entrepreneurship. My only regret is not finding out about this in time, to attend.

Check out this TEDx video of Guy Kawasaki speaking at Harker . Guy was the commencement speaker of Harker's first graduating highschool class, 2002. His speech and his book "Art of the Start" , influenced me as a freshman in college to leave the lab and jump into entrepreneurship.

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