Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spookify - Instagram for scary pics, best halloween iPhone app

UPDATE: And here is the awesome website

Just tried out the freshly released Spookify iPhone app. It is great :) Simple and Fun !! It is definitely worth the $.99 price .

I think it may be one of the best Halloween 2011 apps.

It is basically instagram but for scary haloween faces. Want to make an awesome facebook profile pic for yourself to get into the halloween spirit ? Spookify can help you. Want to just goof off with a friend and make some funny pics ? Spookify is definitely a good way to have fun for 10 minutes with a friend.

Good work Sean (great coding) and Bret ( great design) . This is a great addition to the - TMD family of apps :)

And remember you heard about Spookify at For Techies Only first !

P.S. Erin is an icon for the Filters that are available, her filter icon is titles "Death" .

Gallery of screenshots below :

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