Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Come out to the 1st Start Up Beers and Burgers meet up today, July 27 at 5

I have been so busy lately just realized that i never got a chance to do a blog post about Start Up Beers and Burgers. Judy thanks for pointing this out to me ! :)

Bob Christopher and i compared notes, and realized that one of the key things missing for start up founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, VC's, and hackers is a network of other people just like them to exchange stories with, support each other, make intros, and generally help each other out.

Collectively we have the access , talent, and network to solve most of our respective venture growth problems, we just need a YC combinator like forum (just more craigslist like and less formal) to all network together.

For this reason we created Start Up B&B or

Please go check it out. Sign up. All of the fancy featured are powered by btw. They have lots of great features out of the box, so we decided not to recreate the wheel here.

Come out to our version 1.0 event today at thirsty bear. Hope to see you guys there.

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