Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RockMelt raises $30 M to keep the social browser idea alive

RockMelt just added Vinod Khosla to its board, and announced that it secured another $30 M in VC funding. Making the total $40 . This puts its war chest to be more than Flock.com 's total raise before its eventual sale to Zynga. Disclaimer: i worked at Flock

I am going to be closely watching RockMelt as it attempts to break into the browser space, they say that eventually their business model will rely on search (as all of the browsers do). Good thing, XO already works in RockMelt (since it is based on Chrome) . I hope that RockMelt starts gaining traction, because XO can really help them with their social search proposition (My Flock products had an 86% boost in search ARPU ;) ) .

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