Sunday, May 22, 2011

2012 year of Social Search

Combined with the launch of Google Plus One and Google Profiles this is starting to add up into a very concentrated push into social.

It comes down to perspective. What do people use to view the web ??? What do you see the web through, Google ? or Facebook ? I vote that it should be at most a 50/50 split

My gut sense is telling me that we are going to see a couple of mass consumer behavior changes or waves sweep through search over the next 3 -4 years. How we interact with Google will be revolutionized

#1. (Current Wave, medium wave) Too much Noise and not Enough Signal. Social Search will use social signals to cut through the noise.
#2. Interfacing with Google via Touch and Voice input vs mouse point and click paradigm. Google's paradigm of 1 -10 results on a page, will not hold on iPad 2 / Moto Xoom type form factors.

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