Monday, March 28, 2011

XO Office life begins today ;) Got a table at

Today is Day 1 of what will be the office life saga of XO.

After going to Sean's and Maria's mini launch part last friday at DogPatch Labs... we were sold on joining this vibrant and awesome start up scene.

Also we had a meeting with the guys on Friday here. They are sharp. Liked the conference rooms here.

Serendipitously someone at the ChartBoost party, Jason, introd us to the folks downstairs of DogPatch labs, Opinno is an international incubator. Most of the companies down here in the SF Opinno space are Spanish speaking ? its what i heard. Havent met most of them yet :)

Long story short we scheduled a meeting to discuss getting space for today.

Here we are 11 AM on Mar 28, and its Day 1 of XO's first day officially being an SF incubator start up instead of a Cupertino Garage start up ;)

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