Thursday, March 3, 2011

Exo PC Slate with MeeGo Tablet OS V 1.2 : Free gift from Intel !

SF was jam packed with hordes of gamers and video game developers all week. Ive never been to GDC, but passing near the Moscone center in SF today you couldnt miss all the GDC commotion.

I attended a talk by Intel AppUp Appliations Lab: MeeGo Series . They gave out FREE MeeGo Version 1.2 Tablets. They gave out EXO PC Slates reflashed with Meego v1.2 instead of windows 7 . It was cool to see a company bend over backwards for us app developers (: about time we got some due credit (;

The Draw:
Its TRUE Linux, its Open source, its backed by Nokia + Intel ! It has potential.
The device was interesting. Had all the ports iPad and iPad 2 users daydream about : SD card slot, 2 USB ports, mini HDMI port, etc

The Catch:
We got 3 devices. 2 out of the 3 worked out of the box. Mine of course did not. It would freeze on a MeeGo logo and not get past the splash page. I wonder how many of the other ones that Intel gave out to Devs did not boot.

The Fix:
With lots of help from a savvy linux friend of mine, we got the latest .iso for MeeGo v1.2 from Intel's Developer site and then "byte copy" wrote it onto a 2 GB USB flash thumb stick drive, and then reflashed the slate . The trick was that the "byte copy" needed to be encoded at bs=4096 .

Stay tuned for a more complete review of MeeGo v1.2 and the exo PC as a Slate running MeeGo!

The serious BIOS screens we had to dive through :

When it finally started behaving well !

And we are IN ! Take that Boot errors ! :


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