Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moto XOOM unboxing

I'm writing this review on a new moto XOOM. First of I am very impressed by this product.

Unboxing/ OOBE: Took 4:32

The hardware interface, and the welcome video and instructions were very well executed. The use of labels on the screen protector packaging to explain the button lay out was very clear and pleasant. Overall the welcome OOBE [ out of the box experience] was good. It required a single sign in, and was smooth. It found Wi-fi (since my test model did not come with a 4G sim card) very quickly. And after that zipped along.


Honeycomb zips along [click thru for a TC review of honeycomb] , 3.0 is getting to be a mature and usable OS. The integrated use of google services deeply at the center of the xoom user experience is well done. The gmail and google talk applications s are very well designed and highly functional. The photo gallery automagically knew about my blogspot blog that was connected to my google account. It was really nice that I had to sign in only once and my mail, blog pictures and google talk contacts were ready to go out of the box. Overall the smoothness of the software, thoughtful execution of "toasties" as notifications, multitasking, and pure speed are apparent .


The tablet feels very solid and dense in your hands. The dual cameras are just fun on such a big screen. The speakers leave lots of room for improvement. I found that when you are looking directly at the screen, the speakers are on the rear, so the XOOM projects the sound away from you. Its not ideal.

***Update: I will be reviewing XOOM accessories in a separate post.

The Modern Mobility Verdict:

Does it defeat the iPad ? I would say its getting pretty damn close. However, iPad 2 will undoubtedly bring improvements to apples tablet. So until then its hard to make a conclusion on which tablet is better. One thing is clear, there are now finally REAL Options in the tablet market. If you are a Droid Fanboy i would highly recommend the moto XOOM. If you are spellbound by Apple's more refined UI and closed system then iPad 2 is the one for you.

OK enough gushing. this is just a quick post. Still getting used to the android version of blogger app. Some product pics below:

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