Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GamerFood.Com - its what it sounds like !

My long time friend, traveling companion, and fellow entrepreneur : Chris Davis just launched a new venture.

GamerFood.com Go Check it out !

+++Update: Check out this review at Geekologie.com for GamerFood

He launched it with his brother Michael, and together they have put out a very impressive branding play in the healthy food category. GamerFood.com sells delicious and healthy granola bars. They are cleverly branded with names inspired by World of War Craft and Starcraft. Other games will be coming. This is an ambitious project, because the current trend in the niche is infusing drinks and snacks with tons of sugar and caffeine. GamerFood will turn the tide the other way, and transform gamers unhealthy snacking habits into a more healthy behavior.

Below is the Gamer Food creed. Feeling hungry ? Go PWN your Hunger at GamerFood.com

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