Monday, January 31, 2011

Do you know what this is ? If you do come talk to me.

Hint: The image above is made out of what is the most valuable currency online. If you own this, like Google does, you can make Billions.

As some of you know i have been spending more and more of my time working on XO!, Inc A search start up I co founded with Len Short

We launched XO Deal, an alpha product into the Chrome Web Store last week.

XO Deal is an early demo
of how XO will complement Google and Bing's search offerings with another layer of useful information. A layer of information highlights, deal hints, and social annotation. In other words XO's mission is to highlight the good stuff in web search. For more info on XO read here. We think we are onto something huge here.

In light of the above, i wanted to put out a riddle . See the image above. If you know what it is please come talk to me. And no it is not a Jackson Pollock original.

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