Wednesday, December 22, 2010

iPhone 6 UI possibilities

Just came across a great engadget post about a 3D hand gesture/ hand wave sensing technology.

After seeing Kinect launch and Sony Move controllers becoming pervasive i cant stop thinking about how cool it would be to shrink the camera tech to the point where you could have it embedded in the forward facing camera of an iPhone or android device.

The shortcomings of touch screen tech for mobile:
1. The biggest pet peeve i have about touch screens is that they dont work with gloves.
2. Second worst pet peeve is that the screens get a permanent layer of smudge, no matter how much you clean the screen.

The future solution: Waving/Gesture UI
1. Shrink gesture sensing tech into a cam that can fit on the forward facing side of an iPhone
2. Train the public to control their phones by gesturing and waving in the direction of the screen vs smudging their fingers all over the screen.

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