Saturday, October 23, 2010

Motorola Defy : Pre Release Unboxing/Preview

Motorola Defy UnBoxing:
A friend brought over a Motorola Defy, since TMobile just tweeted that it will release the Defy Nov 3, seems like a good time to review it. Seeing the Moto Defy was pretty exciting because i remembered watching a video of the Defy where the devices "Water resistance" was tested. The Defy is Moto's entry into the "rugged & tough" phone category. Think something like the rugged Sonim phones

The Summary:
Overall i am decently impressed that Moto put together a solid product besides the Droid or iterative designs of the Droid. The Moto Blur software makes me feel luke warm about it , mainly makes me think why its not as good as HTC Sense. The hardware build is great, and based on the tests done by engadget [ see youtube video below] it seems like this is truly one tough and rugged phone. I can see this phone developing a small but loyal niche, a "tough and rugged" niche . The its your super social phone because of Moto Blur seems to be something that wont catch in my opinion.

Moto Blur Experience :
I like the idea of MotoBlur widgets. The social and weather widgets that are pre installed on the home screen are pretty nice. However they tend to create a claustrophobic feeling. Simply put i thought that the MotoBlur interface was a framework that had potential but the pre installed set up made it feel like bloatware.

- Set Up :
It was very clear that the OOBE [ Out of Box Experience] team spent quiet a lot of time working on the getting started experience. I especially liked the "welcome videos" and "how to " video touches.
However it wasn't completely smooth sailing. The issue with set up is that because of the T Mobile partnerships and the Moto Blur set up process the phone totally feels like bloater ware.

From T Mobiles side the app tray is chock full of random apps like Amazon Kindle, BlockBuster, etc I get that T Mobile still thinks its peddling J2ME devices where pre loading an app is the holy grail. That model made them alot of money, but in todays smart phone app marketplace world it just seems dated.
From the Moto Blur side the home screens are jam packed with widgets. And the user has to go through several pages before they get to the homescreen.

All of this really makes me think of the Mac vs PC "ready to go out of the box" commercials. It seems like Moto Blur/Android took a turn towards PC vs Mac.

The Hardware [ Build Toughness Factor] :
The build quality feels good in your hand. The build feels very compact and dense.
The rubbery plug on the headphones jack reminded me of my underwater camera.
The white/black two tone color scheme actually comes together better than i thought.
The camera flash is very solid, and the 5.O Mega Pix shooter is what you would expect from a device in this class

WishList [ Whats Missing ]
1. Where is the face time/Fring compatible camera Moto ?
2. Instead of making Bloat ware out of a great device why not simplify the android experience to something sleek and steam lined?
As they say "design perfection is when you cant remove anything else".

Engadgets Test of the "water resistance" feature :

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