Sunday, April 11, 2010 promo site is up...

I am very excited that the promo site for TextBookSwoop is up. I am really into this one because it was my first foray into HTML/CSS. Of course i cheated i just reverse engineered how are layed out in terms of HTML/CSS . Sean wrote that code, and it was very clean and straightforward even for a novice like me.

Here is a quick time line of the project.

0. Jan 14 : The idea came up mid Jan when i was talking to Eugene.
1. Feb 1st : I bought
2 . Feb 10: formed the team : Tony, David, Sergey, Chris
3. March 1st: prototype versions
4. March 26: App Design completed
5. April 11: Promo site design is implemented at
6. April 21st: iPod Touch version is live and we are looking for iPhone Version textbook website partners like,, or others.

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