Monday, April 12, 2010

Microsofts Kin One & Kin Two : Sidekick reborn

Today Microsoft finally unveiled 2 new phones: Kin one and Kin Two. These 2 devices are the culmination of quiet a few rumors, Project Pink, Turtle, Pure , etc and corporate maneuvers like the acquisition of Danger, Inc a few years ago.

Surprisingly the product quality seems very good. Get the full KIN UI walk through at Engadget. They clearly redefined the meaning of an internet connected phone with Kin Studio. A website you can log into and see everything on your phone: photos, texts, videos, social networking updates etc. Your phone in a website, surprisingly it seems Microsoft was the first one to crack that one.

However the phone is targeted at teenagers. It seems to be the feature phone arm of windows phone 7. It has done quiet a few things right: Best social networking, best website access, great music with Zune (streaming included), great camera, solid browser with pinch zoom, etc

Huge GLARING Ommissions if you do a competitive comparison with smart phones.
No GPS driven maps, No Apps, No Games, no Xbox Live , etc