Monday, April 5, 2010

Apple: iPhone OS 4.0 press review.... FINALLY !!!

Exciting story is running on . Apple sent invites to the press for a special event to review their iPhone OS 4.0 . This indicates that 4.0 will be a MAJOR upgrade (maybe even an "overhaul" ? ;)) . Reason for thinking this is that they would do a press event preview either to proceed with caution if they are managing the risk of PR backlash OR they are soo proud of it they want to publicize this as the CHERRY on top of their iPAD launch vanilla Sundae :) Having said that they have been doing these press events every March so far so maybe its not THAAAAT big of a deal. But at least as big as iPhone OS 3.0.

Go read the story at TechCrunch about Apple's Official iPhone OS 4.0 Event.

My bet on the software side of things in the iPhone OS 4.0 :
- Multitasking
- Video Calling (finally) ... AKA iChat for iPhone support
- Active wallpapers like in the iPAD
- iBook store support
- Wild Card: Wireless iTunes Syncing

- front facing camera
- More CPU power / More memory
- Wild Card: Wireless charging like the TouchStone Palm Pre Charger

Biggest Wow Factor that they can do in my opinion : No more cords. No cords for charging . No cords for syncing.