Monday, March 8, 2010

Nokia: Patent to charge your phone by movement (like an auto wind watch)

This Engadget article was an interesting read for me. It seems that not only Celsius is looking into marrying the old with the new, (I wrote about it here) in their 100% mechanically powered cell phone concept But so are the mobile Giants like Nokia.

This is supposed to enable users to harness cell phone battery power from the movement of the phone. Like motion powered "auto wind" wrist watches , this will capture the kinetic energy and convert it to electricity.

I am sure the efficiency is low, but if the phone was packaged up properly, it good appeal to a niche market. Mechanical watches are basically a jewelery/luxury market that is based around a fashion statement. I think nokia could market this phone charging mechanism in much the same way as Breitling or Panerai does. The same as they do with their super expensive Nokia Vertu luxury phone.

Check out the patent diagrmas above

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