Thursday, February 4, 2010

Versioning: huge milestone in product management

New "home screen"
It is a big milestone in software product/project management when your napkin ideas finally hit a level of maturity where you are creating version iterations and updates. I am not talking about internal development versions but actually roadmap driven versions that go out to your users and audience. This is the route to a truly useful and meaningful product instead of wildcard guesses about what people want :)

The 1st time we did a version update on one of mine or TMD's apps was when:
We quietly hit that with android version of iPlacemarks when we released v. 65 . This version had an awesome update, that i look forward to propagating to iPhone eventually, "Shake to Switch" mapview into text directions view and back. This happened last week :) Thanks Androidz Team and especially basehat ;)

NOW i am proud to say we have replicated this milestone on iPhone !!!!

We just submitted our official update and version under a version 1.5 label.
Here check out the post on the official iPlacemarks Blog

New "My Places" screen

New Help Screen

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