Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Magazines 2.0 : iPad powered Magazine designs

As i wrote on the day iPad launched, the iPad is a godsend for the publishing industry.

The first indication of this is that Apple has thrown its weight behind the ebook space, by introducing iBooks and the iBook store. If the iBook store performs 50% as well as the other apple powered stores: iTunes for music, iTunes for Movies, App Store, etc have done then this is a big godsend to publishers because it gives them an opportunity to reset the economics of publishing. Also it allows them to stay up to date with times and new interactive mediums and create new business models.

I just read an awesome article on CrunchGear about Wired's foray into the brave new world of touch based magazines for devices like iPad's. The article is a great read so go check it out. Watch the awesome video about what magazines of tomorrow ( a tomorrow thats just around the corner) will look and feel like.

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