Saturday, February 6, 2010

Apple's App Approval is super fast now, but at what price ?

So all of us in the iPhone dev community have noticed that Apple's App approval process has become lightning fast since the beginning of 2010. Steve must have ordered that 2010 be a new slate a new beginning for getting their clunky manual app review and approval process done right finally.
However, at what price does this speed come ? Touch Mobile Design submitted an iPhone app on behalf of our client to the App store. We submitted 2 versions, RecipeTV ($2.99) and RecipeTV Lite (free) . RecipeTV Lite was smooth sailing. however the Premium version experienced some really strange issues. None of us at TMD have seen that and we have submitted quiet a few apps to the app store collectively. Another developer friend, Nikolay, suggested that apple automated a large portion of the approval process and maybe these weird issues are the result of that ? (although some of the issues were our own mess ups in the submission process, shouldn't apple not approve an app that can't be downloaded over wifi ? what is that ?)

#1. The app icons in iTunes wouldn't load
#2. Trying to downlaod the Premium version doesnt work unless you sideload it from your mac. What is that ? See the screenshot below:

Hey iPhone Gurus what is the solution to this ?