Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad: Newspaper, Magazine, Publisher stock rising ?

Ive been watching iPad launch coverage all morning. At first i was underwhelmed, that it isnt transparent or flexible or solar. Then i realized the iPad is going to sell a ton of units. So here is my take:

#1 the broadcast of the press event was horrible. Why not make it crisp Steve ?

#2 i am not a stock analyst but i expect Newspaper, Magazine, and Book Publisher stock to rise

#3 My favorite demo was the finger painting demo. I am an iPhone FingerPainter and the iPad will make this hobby way more fun :)

Check out a comparison of my iPhone finger painting with screenshots of the press event

iPhone art: (Modern Mobility)

iPad art (image credits to's live coverage) :

P.S. Already working on adapting TMD to be a leader in iPad specific apps :)

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