Monday, December 7, 2009

Visual Search War - Goog vs Amzn vs Nokia

With Today's annoucement of Google's Goggles we are seeing the battle lines coming together for the next search land grab war.

The Big 3 competitors are:

* Nokia - Point and Find app/service

*Amazon- Acquired SnapTell, iPhone app, allows Visual search/ Puchase of CD's, DVDs, Books

* Google- Goggles. For Android only (reportedly works GREAT). has Landmark recognition

I need to delve deeper into this subject. Especially since i have been exploring a similar Visual Search App product concepts for TMD.
We have been tinkering with Evernote's API to power ICR, we have built prototypes for the wine use case. I am familiar with Abby's OCR Recognition Engine. Now that there is a possibility of a Google Api for the visual search space, this niche is getting a lot of lift.
Lastly it dove tails nicely into my interest in Augmented Reality AR. My gut feel is that innovations in Visual Search, will be the input side, and new AR products will create the Output side of the next generation of main stream consumer search/mobile experiences.

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