Thursday, November 19, 2009

Start Up / Web Workers = Workaholics. Tool to help

So its no secret that start up founders, entrepreneurs, and developers are workaholics. Simply put there is an unsaid consensus in Silicon Valley at least, that this is what it takes to succeed.
- Developers get cases of coca cola and delivery food to do hack-a-thons and code into the wee hours of the night.
- Guerilla Marketers/ PR efforts require ridiculous amount of manual social media, emailing, blogging etc to get any results
- Designers get fixated on getting everything pixel perfect, then get soo tired they go into cycles of scraping and starting over
- The list goes on and on and on about various ways start up people and web workers work ridiculous hours.

So what does that all mean ? It means we are workaholics, its a form of addiction (not that bad of one as those go).

How do you break the cycle ? Well Relaxation techniques, and re programming behavioral patterns are good things to focus on.

So i found this super nifty Animated Gif of a stick figure Yoga Sun Salutaion. I think it shows a useful relaxation technique we can all benefit from. Once we break the cycle i bet productivity actually goes up :)

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