Sunday, January 11, 2009

Out of all the CES reviews my Top 2 announcements

Out of all of the coverage and blog posts about CES 2009 here are my favorite 2. I picked these by how excited i am to see these Products Live and in action.

This year's CES was a lot more exciting then the Sunset Macworld Keynote. Unlike some spectacular sunsets (Eivissa Cafe Del Mar around August) this last Macworld was like watching a sunset on a cloudy and foggy day ... not spectacular.
All the techies who didnt get their regular gadget fix from Macworld got it from CES this year. Especially the Palm keynote which had a lot of the reality distortion effects usually limited to Steve Jobs's performances:

The Exciting Mobile Platform/Product/OS announcement:

Palm Pre came back from nowhere, stock price jumped 35% critics and analysts are ringing it in as the hottest device since the original iPhone announcement. to be honest with you my device envy meter hasn't been this high since i knew i was getting an iPhone in a couple of weeks:

The Random surprise, that could be a total Flop or a Revolution:
This little iPhone case makes things on the iPhone screen 3D without 3D glasses:

Can't wait to see this product Live

Same with the Pre actually.

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