Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Calling it right now: Apples product refresh is ..

The Big question for Apple fans everywhere is:

What will apple unveil later on in the year as their new products.

I am going to go ahead and call it right here and right now. I think it will be fun to put down a guess about what Apple's new products later this year will be, and then come back to this to see how i did. I do need to start building a public track record of calling the web/mobile trends (vs just getting them right and then getting skeptical looks when i do my usual "I told you so" tid bit, of course when i get them wrong (quiet often) i keep my big mouth shut ;) )

Apple will unveil a touch screen desktop computer or laptop. This will go into head to head competition with HP's touchsmart desktop or the HP XT 5 laptop series.

I mean think about it, they got tremendous press and market traction from the iphone, iphone 3g, all based around multitouch tech. So just like with the ipod product line the next step is to introduce new colors and sizes. To me it totally does not make sense to reduce the screen real estate for the iphone. So the only direction to go is to increase the size. To a tablet!

Think about it they are riding a market position switching wave, recently jumping to the #3 computer manufacturer slot. Macs are now 8.5 % of the market. If i were them i would see if i can corner the tablet market to goose up that percentage. I would also use that as an extra differentiator to convert more people to mac.

So here we are i believe in the end of 08 we will see the myth of an Apple tablet come to fruition. What do you guys think ? Anyone with me on this ?

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