Friday, January 18, 2008

Public Transit, the latest mobile wi-fi hotspot

It is interesting to see that Mobile Ad Hoc networks are progressing in adoption. Unlike the MANET networks that we worked on over at VCEL, inc in conjunction with Samsung Telecommunications America, these MANET networks are not cellphone based and social software in nature. The MANET network that i encountered tonight is a Wi-Fi enabled bus in the San Francisco/ Bay Area. Driving on the 101 South, a Western Charter bus, had a green and white Wi-Fi enabled logo. I havent used the service myself but if it provides an open hot spot environment for free to passengers, i think every major bus transit line, charter service etc should adopt it. I know i would have loved Wi-Fi access on a number of long bus trips. It is very interesting to see real life proof, of what was reported over at Engadget as an emerging tech trend in 2006. Check it out.

The increased use of Wi-Fi hotspots in public transit is a trend that seems to be growing beyond specific transport niches. As there are reports of initiatives for such MANET networks to form on Buses, Airlines, and Train services. For instance check out the latest info about in-flight Wi-Fi access at Techcrunch on building Airlines that offer Wi-Fi.Check it out :)

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