Tuesday, January 22, 2008

new player in the mobile space: Whole FOODS

I happen to live next to the new giant Whole Foods in Cupertino. Its the Worlds largest whole foods store (they built it across the street from the old store and use the entire old store as a staging warehouse for the new one). You can get almost anything in this store that has to do with Health, Pro Environment, and general well being. I mean everything from a sushi bar, to a bistro grill, to smoothies, coffee, groceries, clothes, music, vitamins/medicine, Even Massages and cooking classes, etc

However, i did not expect Whole Foods to be a player in the Mobile space in any respect. I stand corrected by what i saw at the store 2 days. Whole foods recycle/trashcans have a separate basket that invites you too "recycle" your old cell phone. They also have a "recycle " your old batteries as well. Check out my pics to get a better idea of what im talking about.

The question for me now is wether or not this makes any significant impacts to the bottom line of cell phone recycling efforts? If you have any info on that, cruise by the comments and leave your thoughts.:)

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