Monday, January 15, 2007

MySpace Mobile: The ad supported way

This post is to show some screenshots of VCEL, a MySpace Mobile offering from VCEL (my mobile social networking venture).

I captured a series of screenshots of VCEL's J2ME app, so it can be compared with the previous post & screenshots of UIEvolutions myspace mobile J2ME client.

As with the UIE screenshots, they were taken using a camera phone and instantly uploaded to myspace (via another one of VCEL's client apps). The target java apps were running on a Sony Ericsson Z525 in both cases.

The big difference to note between VCEL's approach and the MySpace mobile (UIEvolutions) is that VCEL is offering the app and service absolutely free to the end user. Eventually the offering is going to be supported via mobile ads. Our app comes with an integrated channel for serving graphics into the loading screen."deadspace" that is a product of today's data network delays. Compared to 2.99 a month loading screen ads seem like a reasonable trade off to us. But you guys tells us what you think ;).

More details on the mobile ads and features to come later.

VCEL is a totally independent entity and has no affiliations with MySpace or Fox Interactive Media. Our offerings function as an improved mobile interface or mobile portal for viewing freely viewable internet content located at We just act as a conduit of information. Enjoy the offering.

For all the info go to or check out on your mobile phone's browser.

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