Sunday, June 10, 2018

Smartphone minimalism concept device : Blloc

Recently i came across , a minimalist smartphone brand and concept.

They are developing an android device with:

  • Modern Android Oreo 8.1 on it. 
  • Modern hardware (fast cpu, good screen, USB C , cameras, fingerprint sensor , etc)
  • VERY UNIQUE approach to the user experience from the looks of it.

Disclosure: I have not used it or seen anything more than whats available on their website, instagram, and various tech blogs. 

But i like the premise: create a novel smartphone experience that uses minimalism to create focus.

There is some info out about this concept on their site, like that its scheduled to start shipping in the fall of 2018.  The hardware specs with a number of details are also available on the site.

Overall it looks like the device is a sleek 2018 android device with a twist in the software experience:
  • Launcher with a custom home screen experience, 
  • Custom Monochromatic Black and white lockscreen and homescreen experiences.
  • Chat driven , conversational UI style.

Without seeing the actual device it reminds me of Blackberry / Palm / Danger inc .
In all the positive ways of those brands being unique and drawing a strong fan following.

Stay tuned for a future review, if i end up getting one of these to test drive or have :) 


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