Sunday, June 25, 2017

1st TV Ad for Opera browsers in Russia. Pretty cool .

Check out the 1st TV ad for Opera (set to run on Russian TV).

It all Starts (or started) with Opera :)

Since it is the oldest web browser still in development (since '95).


Here is the link for easy copy and paste:

Please leave a comment about what you think of the ad.


  1. Opera is the best and easiest way to use the internet services and the prime feature of this browser is the easy experience with extreme level of data saved. The ad is indeed cool.

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  3. Hm... I do not use Opera browser sonce 2009, I think... But I do not live in Russia. I use safari for windows 10 which I downloaded here for my pc. It more convenient app, than others. I'm using this every day on all of my devices.

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