Tuesday, February 3, 2015

YotaPhone 2, a Samsung killer , from Russia with Love

YotaPhone 2 is an amazing smartphone, a smartphone designed and made by a Russian company.

A Flagship device that represents the very cutting edge of Russian Consumer Electronics. 
Launched in a unique style, by Putin gifting a YotaPhone 2 phone to the president of China at the APEC conference , before the phone was really available on the market. What a way to be catapulted into the limelight :) 

Check out these YotaPhone website and promo videos. Stylish, these videos remind me of Apple ads for some reason.

This smartphone is the first phone that is notably different in a while !
I just picked one up, so check out the unboxing below.

Some info first. Yotaphone is a Russian smartphone manufacturer and mobile operator :
Yotaphone 2, is unique because it is a phone with 2 screens. 
One screen is a 5 inch color LCD. 
Second one is an e-ink screen.

This is an amazing concept. First i am a fan of the idea of having screens on both sides of a smartphone. See my predictions about the future of smartphone screens.

Making the second screen e ink allows for all sorts of interesting features . 
You can get wayyy longer battery life if you use the e-ink display instead of the color screen.

Also the screen stays always on. The CEO of YotaPhone positions the "Always on" screen in the following terms. Smartphone owners have to unlock their device up to 150 times per day. 
Instead why not have the "Always on" notification just be visible on the outside of the phone at all times. This would save people pointless unlocking of the device. Would keep people grounded in the real world, vs staring into their phones out of nervous habit.


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