Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mayer's Secret 2014 Game Plan : Alibaba, Buy into: Mobile Ads & Mobile Search


If i was Marissa Mayer here is what i would do. This would be my Secret Game Plan.

Caveat Lector: 
Below are a series of complete guesses and assumptions about what Yahoo and Marissa Mayer may do, and market changes. Take all of this with a gray of salt, but i believe in this so i invested into Yahoo stock a few days ago ;) .

If i was Marissa Mayer here is what i would be thinking about 2014 Yahoo 

1. My M&A plays have driven the stock up 2X since i started
2. Lets double down on M&A & Revive the brand
3. Need more cash 
4. Yahoo owns 24% in Alibaba, Alibaba.com (giant chinese ebay style / other e commerce properties web company) ,  is going to IPO, its going to be the largest IPO ever , some analysts expect $200 Billion valuation.
5. Yahoo will take on massive amounts of cash. I predict 57% of their Market Cap at the time.
6. Yahoo is going to buy a cash rich mobile ad network. I know which one i would buy if i was them ;)
7.  Yahoo is getting back into the Search Innovation  / Search R&D game. 
8.  My bet is that Marissa will end up buying an app search engine company as well. I know which one i would buy ;) 
9.  Now Yahoo has a new mobile ads revenue stream & adds search value in mobile.

This is how i would be playing 2014 if i was Marissa Mayer. Interestingly enough after making this prediction a few days ago, buying a bit of Yahoo stock, Alibab just filed for an IPO:

So maybe we will know if my guesses above are pointing in the right direction or not, pretty quickly :) 
Cant wait for the markets to open tomorrow and see what happens with Yahoo stock. 


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