Saturday, October 19, 2013

Belkin WeMo Wi-Fi Outlet Unboxing, my first home automation gadget.

Last week, at the MobileCon 2013 Sprint CTIA hackathon i won a Belkin WeMo wi-fi outlet in a raffle.You can check out the WeMo line of products on Belkin's web site here. 

I have been thinking about getting one of these for awhile. For me the use case that have been making me think about getting one of these was wanting a way to remotely turn On/ Off our Projector for our Home Theater. I have alwasy been a little bit put off by the price tag of $49 for one of these.

However now that i have one, i think it is a great gadget. Check out the unboxing pics below and see for yourself :



Here are screenshots of what the WeMo iPhone app from Belkin looks like. It is very cool that you can turn on/off the WeMo switch across your living room, but also from anywhere in the world. Very handy.

I also really like the feature of itnegrating with IFTTT (If This Then Than). Using IFTTT website or iPhone app you can configure a "Recipe" .  The "Recipes are based on many different kinds of webservices like Isntagram, dropbox, google calendar, email , twitter, facebook, etc etc.  IFTTT can also integrate with a WeMo device , to turn it on/off depending on some kind of webservice event.

For example you can make your lamp turn on every time the price of a stock you are following goes above a certain amount. Its a cool feature that lets you turn regular electric appliances into a web connected device :) 

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