Sunday, September 15, 2013

Try DreamCatcher Project iPhone app: Alarm Clock that records your dreams :)

Just downloaded Dreamcatcher Project app for my iPhone. It is an Alarm Clock app, that wakes you up and lets you speak your dreams to it to be noted down. Easier then using old school pen and paper to journal your dreams.

The app is dead simple to use, fun, and well designed. It has cool icons, and a very cool splash animation.

The key to make the user experience simple is taking advantage of iOS dictation api. Siri's speech understanding for the purpose of typing has gotten really good. It just works, wake up, speak your dream notes to it , and voila it makes an entry.

The app was trending in Lifestyle category in the Top 100 paid apps.

Its worth downloading and trying it out :)

Also check out this cool promo video made for Dreamcatcher.

The app is from this website :

Go downloaded it from here:

Dreamcatcher Project from BrettRed on Vimeo.


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  2. I have to admit i was a bit skeptical about this app but on second thoughts it seems like a good idea as most of the time i will have forgotten my dreams when i wake up in the morning!more info