Thursday, August 1, 2013 is Uncrate with a Buy button (via Amazon Prime)

Today i saw in my facebook feed a trendy new site : is an invite only site that curates the very best of Amazon products. It is a beautiful and clean website that features handpicked products of amazon. 

Cruising it feels like . Except it is even better, because clicking on the big and clearly labeled price leads you to the corresponding product page, where you can buy the product in a few clicks (and of course Prime it).

The UI is very simple and zen. The colors are cool and soothing, everything is easy to use and intuitive. 

If you use Fab,  Uncrate, the fancy, gearpatrol, coolmaterial, or any of those you will love seeing the feed of cool products on Canopy , and most likely will find yourself clicking that buy button more than you expect :)

The invite only system allows Canopy to keep the community small and elite, so they can submit and curate the very best products of others to discover. A simple Chrome extension allows users to submit amazon products to Canopy. 

You can also collect similarly themed products into collections. 

Give it a spin :) You will like it !



  1. Could you please send me a invite?

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