Monday, July 29, 2013

iOS fingerprint scanner confirmed via iOS 7 beta 4 leak

Today's wide distribution of iOS 7 Beta 4 has brought a deluge of bug fixes and changes. Also as my friend Jordan pointed out, it has brought an awesome leak that confirms a ForTechiesOnly prediction about "iPhone 6" or what is currently being labeled as "iPhone 5S".

The leak shows a new folder that is part of the iOS 7 download, the folder is called BiometricKitUI.
It gives very clear indication that Apple has built out a UI for scanning and setting up fingerprint identification (most likely for unlocking an iPhone). You can find more details about the leak here, from

Also for fun check out my original prediction post about the next iPhone having a fingerprint scanner here. Check it out to get the full prediction i made back in the first week of April.

Here is the total tally for my predictions: 6 out of 9 are solid; 2 struck down so far, 1 still TBD 

Name of Apple's next iPhone :  iPhone 5S
Form Factor: Same as the current iPhone 5
New Hardware:
Apple A7 processor chip
NFC chip (finally iPhone will be able to sync and share data like androids), Airdrop focus makes this unlikely
Fingerprint scanner (via AuthenTec acquisition) 
Better Camera 
OS: iOS7 
Expected Arrival Date:
June/July (a la the first iPhone releases (before it switched to the fall schedule)
The Killer Feature: Apple Wallet (this is the big unknown, that will dictate how innovative and impactful this iPhone release cycle will seem to investors and shareholders. TBD, still too early too tell.